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Deliverance Church

JOY Goat Development Programme is a department of Deliverance Church Uganda, which grew from underground Christian cells in the days of Idi Amin, and now has over 200 churches nationwide. Schools, clinics and other practical ministries of DC all have the name ‘JOY’:

Jesus first

Others next

Yourself last



The work is mostly supported through donations from individuals.

Currently donations are handled in the UK by Faith Missions Trust, but a dedicated charity, Friends of JOY Goats Uganda (JOY Goats for short), is being set up .

Leadership Team of Deliverance Church Uganda

A brief History


The long-term aim of the Programme is to develop a breed of dairy goat which is productive but also adapted to Ugandan conditions. This is only feasible if there is a large breeding population - larger than we are able to create through our own farmers’ groups.

So we are looking for other organisations who will work with us in this programme.  At present there are already 9, and others are under consideration. We would be pleased to receive other requests.


JOY Youth Training Centre

JOY GDP grew out of JOY Youth Training Centre. As part of its Learn & Earn Programme to get young people back into school, it developed a demonstration farm of dairy goats. Because of the comprehensive records that went with them, these goats were in demand from other projects and individuals. And not just the goats, but also the expertise that had been built up on the farm and within the associated community projects. In 2009 the Goat Development programme was set up to enable this expertise to be disseminated more effectively.


Phil Edwards is the chairperson of the new UK charity