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Featured project - Bundibugyo

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The only way to reach many villagesWhy Bundibugyo?

Bundibugyo District has practically no milk production. This often leads to problems with feeding babies and children, as well as limiting the diets of adults.

Another NGO had introduced dairy goats into the area, and they had been very well received. But some key components of a sustainable breeding programme are missing and the initiative is in danger of collapse. We want to introduce a few more breeding males and to foster the formation of farmers’ groups, to ensure long-term stability.

During 2013 we plan to take 9 bucks, as well as carry out training of farmers and hold planning meetings with existing groups and local government officials. This will require around £700, of which £350 has already been raised as of March 2013

Similar levels of involvement are likely in 2014 and 2015.