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Buck House

House for stud male

The most practical house for a male is a simple kraal, a minimum of 2m x 2.5m, but 3m x 3m is even better.  This ensures that the buck gets sufficient exercise and if it is also handled gently but firmly, there will be minimum risk of it becoming aggressive

A shelter is placed in one corner.  If this corner is not naturally high, then it should be raised using compacted murram soil, or bricks.  This ensures that there is a dry bed for the buck.

Fodder should never be thrown on the ground, but should be tied up or placed in a feeding rack. Water should be regularly available and placed where the goat cannot foul it.

Either iron sheets or thatch can be used for roofing, but if thatch then it needs to be well maintained. Water and fodder must be placed where they cannot be contaminated by rainwater run-off from the thatch.