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Fodder Balance

Achieving a correct balance of fodder

Goats easily get bored if there is not much variety in their fodder. If that happens, they will eat too little and their growth and milk production will be limited. The greater the variety, the better the goat’s appetite. The other reason for giving a variety of fodder is that it ensures a nutritional balance, so that the goat gets sufficient energy, protein and the various essential minerals.

Every farmer has a different set of feeds available, so it would be impossible to specify a precise formula. We have found that by dividing the available feedstuffs into three categories, and attempting to give an equal quantity of each, the balance is adequate. It is also a very simple system to teach.

List of commonly available fodders classified as grass, protein and other

List of commonly available fodders classified by source (crop residues, planted trees etc)

1/3 Protein

1/3 Other



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