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Supporting the work

Here are some ideas of things you can sponsor, to help the work of JOY Goats, from an hour of Field Worker’s time (£1) through buying a good quality buck (£55) to sponsoring a month of Field Officer activity (£175). Please do what you can!

Any items over £10  qualify for a gift certificate. If you want one for yourself or to be sent as a gift, please request it on the “Thank you” page, after you have completed PayPal formalities. (In case you miss the form, use our general contact form to send us the details.) View a sample gift certificate

Donations & Sponsorship

Choose any amount to donate

Donate an amount of your choosing

Sponsor the salary of a field officer  …see what this can do


One week’s salary  


One month’s salary  


One hour’s expenses


One day’s expenses


One week’s expenses


One month’s expenses

Sponsor a billy goat  …see what this can do


Good quality male goat  

Sponsor all expenses of a field officer  …see what this can do

Sponsor a training session …see what this can do


Training a farmers’ group