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Bundibugyo project


This project was pioneered by World Harvest Mission (WHM), who are active in the mountainous and milk-poor Bundibugyo District. Between 2006 and 2009, in order to  reduce the need for expensive formula feed for feeding babies, they gave out around 200 does of 50% dairy blood. They also placed over 50 bucks of 75% dairy blood. These were for mating with the donated does, but also with local goats from other households.

In March 2013, in consultation with local leaders, JOY GDP agreed to adopt some sections of the breeding programme in order to promote long-term sustainability.

Although the above project has not continued well, other groups have started to become interested, and we are now working with two other organisations within the district.

Agriculture is carried out on steep slopesOpportunities

• Considerable interest in dairy goats was generated by the WHM programme.

• One of the ethnic groups in the area already milk local goats and greatly value the high-yielding cross-breeds.

• There are practically no cows in the whole of the project area, so these goats are badly needed.

• The mountainous terrain means that erosion control is needed, which can be source of fodder. Also the shade trees for cocoa are also a potential fodder supply.

The local goats are some of the best in UgandaLamech, the extension worker, trains buck-keepers in record keepingChallenges

• The other ethnic group in the area has no tradition of drinking milk at all.

• Now that WHM are no longer funding a field worker for the goat project, many of the farmers have become discouraged.

• The location is very remote, making regular contact with the national programme personnel difficult.