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Lira potential project


Lira District in Northern Uganda, although not as badly hit as Gulu,  has been disrupted by years of raids by the LRA rebels. This has meant that long-term development has been difficult. But since August 2006 there has been no LRA activity in Uganda, and reconstruction is progressing.

Deliverance Church is active in Lira town and the surrounding area.  Along with other NGOs it is a potential partner for the goat work in the area.


• The potential partners are well organised and committed.

• There is a shortage of milk in the area because there is little livestock as a result of the war.

• The war in Northern Uganda appears to be over, and so the goats should be secure


• Goats milk is still very unfamiliar in the area, so take-up may be slow.

• The area is flat, and so the environmental conservation element of the programme will not get the boost that it would in areas where tree planting is needed for erosion control.

• Although there is a lot of enthusiasm  for the dairy goats from the project, the surrounding community still need to be mobilised.