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Sponsoring a Goat

What is being sponsored

What we are asking for is sponsorship of a male goat - a goat which cannot itself produce milk. But the daughters will. So by mating with dozens, or sometimes hundreds, of local goats, this gift can transform a whole village.


Once the village has their crossbred goats, they will be able to participate in the national breeding programme aimed at developing a genuine Ugandan dairy goat - at home with the local conditions but producing adequate amounts of milk.


Sponsoring a Goat

To enable JOY Goats to supply a good quality male goat to a village, please donate £55 by clicking here:

Gift Certificate

If you want a certificate for yourself or to be sent as a gift, please request it on the “Thank you” page, after you have completed PayPal formalities. (In case you miss the form, use our general contact form to send us the details.)

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For UK tax payers able to Gift-Aid their donations:

If you are able to sponsor more than one goat, please fill in how much you can give, and then click the button:

Think of how many villages could be impacted if you were able to sponsor a goat every month!

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