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The work in Elgon started shortly after Greater Masaka. Initially through a local NGO, but as it expanded we employed our own Field Officer.

Farm Africa have set up a vibrant project in part of Mbale District, breeding 75% Toggenburg goats. The also established pilot projects in other parts of Mount Elgon. However, in recent years these outlying projects have been struggling to maintain momentum. We have started working with some of them, and they are now among our best performing projects. One of them is hoping to start selling goats milk in Mbale City.

Since 2014 we have been working intensively in Kween District and now have breeders groups in almost all of the sub-counties of that district.

We have projects in almost all of the districts on the Ugandan side of Mount Elgon, and have even extended a little way into Kenya


Mount Elgon is one of the areas in Uganda where goats are traditionally milked, so goat milk and breed improvement are readily accepted.

• Organisations such as FARM-Africa, Send-a-Cow and Heifer International have already introduced dairy goats, and thereby helped to popularise them.

• The mountainous terrain means that erosion control is needed, which can become a source of fodder.

• The goats provide manure which is needed for the vegetable growing programme

• Other organisations that already have dairy goats are interested in integrating them into the breeding plan.


• Some parts of the project area are difficult and time consuming to reach, especially in the frequent wet weather (see picture).

• The existing buck stations are rather scattered and do not fit into the programme’s plan of working with clusters of villages.

• The breeding plans of the major organisations working in the area are significantly different from ours and each other, which can lead to farmers becoming confused if the projects are located near to each other.

Elgon Region