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More Information

Technical background to the Programme

Why 50% crosses

Do poor families have access to local goats?

Attitudes to goats milk

Economics of milk vs. meat

Milk and meat goats together

Community-based breeding programme

The new breed


Programme planning issues dealt with in depth elsewhere in this site

Buck stations

Buck rotation

Record Keeping

Herd book

Breeders’ Groups


About  Goats in Uganda

Local goats


Number of buck stations needed

Dairy breeds in Uganda

Meat breeds in Uganda

Fodder trees (wetter areas)

Fodders sorted by nutritional class

Fodders sorted by source

Flavour of goats milk

Housing for stud male

Feeding racks

More topics to be added soon:

Fodder trees (dry areas)

Other Fodder

This section provides links to the more detailed technical pages.  

• Some of them (‘Technical background’) set out our analysis of the technical issues that have guided the formulation of this project.

• Others (‘About goats in Uganda’) give general advice on managing goats, especially dairy goats, under Ugandan conditions.

• If you represent an NGO or farmer’s group in Uganda, and you think that you would like to establish a joint breeding programme, please follow the ‘Partnership’ link.