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Our first contact with Moroto was when the Lutheran World Federation bought some goats from JOY Youth Training Centre on behalf of the Karamoja Agropastoral Development Programme (KADP). The goats were well received by the local community, but KADP have now closed their agricultural programme.

We have placed bucks with the Women’s Environmental Conservation Project (WECOP) on Mount Moroto and also with Christian Restoration Ministry in Lorengecora.

In Feb 2012 we established cooperation with Welthungerhilfe. They are distributing up to 1,500 local does to needy families, along with 40 cross-bred bucks. JOY GDP will be involved in planning the breeding programme and setting up farmer training.


• Karamoja is one of the areas in Uganda where goats milk is traditionally consumed.

• The KADP project has alread demonstrated that even low-grade dairy crosses outperform local goats in both growth and milk production.

• The concept of a buck station already exists around Moroto town.

• Other possible partners have expressed an interest


• Although calm at the moment the area is prone to inter-clan conflict and livestock rustling.

• The area is far from the Programme centre in Masaka, and therefore time-consuming to visit

• The harsh conditions and high disease challenge may mean that a lower grade of goat is needed that the usual 50% crosses - making integration with the main programme more difficult.

• The good-looking crosses attract the attention of the young men who take the cattle (and some goats) long distances to graze. Special permission must be got to allow the women (who traditionally do not own livestock) to include the dairy crosses among the goats left at the homesteads for household milk.