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Albizia chinensis


English: Chinese albizia

Fodder characteristics

Palatability: Fair for goats, but poor for cows.

Nutritional value: Expected to be high in protein.

Safety: No problems have been encountered, but toxic components have been reported (see e.g.), so caution needs to be applied if it could form a large proportion of the diet.

Other characteristics/uses

Agroforestry: Its gentle shade is beneficial to cocoa and coffee.  It can also be interspersed with bananas where it probably acts as a partial wind break and increases humidity. It is nitrogen fixing.


A fast growing tree, but in Masaka it produced few seeds that were difficult to collect.

Useful references

World Agrorestry Centre - Agroforestree Database

Intercropped with cocoa in Bundibugyo

© David R Dowdy

Young leaves showing characteristic red bracts

© Alison Laws