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Morus alba


English: Mulberry

Luganda: Nkenene nzungu

Kiswahili: mfurusadi,mforsadi

Fodder characteristics

Palatability: Very good for goats and cows.

Nutritional value: One of the best non-legume tree leaves.

Safety: No problems have been encountered at up to 30% of total feed, but bloat could be a risk if fed in large amounts.

Other characteristics/uses



We originally planted the mulberries to feed silk worms. That project did not take off, but the mulberry leaves proved to be excellent fodder.

When pruning, cut hard back and ensure that every leaf is removed. That way, any disease on the old leaves cannot be transmitted to the new growth.

Useful references

World Agroforestry Centre - Agroforestree Database

Regularly pruned mulberry plants

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Easily grown from cuttings

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Healthy new growth

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